Finding the Right Attorney

Since you've found yourself reading this blog, odds are you may be interested in finding an attorney to represent you in a Social Security Disability claim. You've also probably noticed there is no shortage of attorneys who are available to handle your disability claim. A quick Google search will bring up literally dozens of attorneys in your area and they all seem legitimate leaving you with one question: How do I decide which attorney is best for me?

From my experience, an attorney-client relationship is often successful and enjoyable if the client trusts their attorney. The Social Security Disability process can be a long one with a significant amount of waiting time. A client needs to have an attorney they trust is taking the necessary steps to succeed with their case.

Trusting your disability attorney is important!

So how do you find an attorney you will trust? Simply put: Talk to them. Create a list of a few attorneys that you may have interest in representing you. Make your list a variety of firm sizes as you may prefer one over the other. Ask the attorney to explain the Social Security Disability process to you, how the attorney will get paid, and anything else you want to ask them. Keep searching until you talk to the attorney that feels right.

As I stated earlier, Social Security Disability is a long process. Because of this, picking the right attorney is an important decision since the relationship will last for months, if not years. So make the calls, talk to attorneys, and find a voice on the other end that you can trust to passionately work for you.

If you need a disability attorney, call me today at 513-721-6111 for a free consultation!

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