Why Hire an Attorney?

Whenever I tell people I am a Social Security Disability attorney, a very common question I get is: "So why do I want an attorney if I'm filing for Disability?" It is a great question to which I usually answer: "Having an attorney makes the process so much easier."

Here are just a few benefits of having an attorney for your Social Security Disability claim:

  • Submit paperwork to Social Security: There is a significant amount of paperwork Social Security wants applicants to fill out when applying for Disability, which can be confusing for someone who has not done this before. A Disability attorney can help with this paperwork and make sure it is sent to the correct section of Social Security.

  • Gather your medical records: While Social Security will request some of your medical records after your initial application, they do not always get the most important records. A Disability attorney will make sure Social Security gets a

Social Security Disability attorneys can make the process move smoothly
  • Ensure your case is moving forward: Because there are so many applicants for Social Security Disability, it is possible for your application to get lost in the shuffle. A Disability attorney will make sure Social Security has everything they need to keep your application moving along in the process efficiently.

  • Represent you at a hearing: Many Social Security Disability applications end up in a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). A Disability attorney knows what to expect from this hearing and can present the best case to the ALJ to get a favorable outcome.

These are just a few ways a Disability attorney can help a client's case. In addition, it brings applicants peace of mind knowing there is someone in their corner to answer any questions they may have and making sure their case is handled with the care they deserve.

If you are thinking about hiring an attorney for your Social Security Disability claim, call attorney Christopher Scheidler at 513-721-6111 for a free consultation!

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