How much does a Disability attorney cost?

When people see "free consultation", it is natural to wonder what's the catch. Well there isn't a catch. When you call my office for a free consultation, that is exactly what you will get. We can talk about your claim and determine if we should work together to help you through the Social Security Disability process. No pressure. You will not be charged whatsoever to talk to me about your case.

So how do I get paid if we decide to work together? First of all, I only get paid if we win your case. Social Security Disability has set limits on what Disability attorneys can charge their clients. When an attorney wins your case, he gets none of your future payments from Social Security Disability. A winning attorney gets 25% of any "back pay" you receive. Back pay is money Social Security pays a winning applicant as disability payments the applicant should have received in the past. The good news for applicants is this 25% payment to attorneys is currently capped by Social Security at $6,000. For example, if an applicant receives $10,000 back pay from Social Security, the attorney would receive $2,500 of this payment. Meanwhile, if an applicant receives $40,000 back pay, the attorney's 25% is capped at $6,000.

So yes, the consultation truly is free and yes, clients truly do not owe a dime unless they win their case. If you would like a free consultation to discuss your own situation, call me today!

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