Can any attorney help me with Social Security Disability?

I spoke with a woman recently who was considering filing for Social Security Disability. She had just asked a lawyer in their extended family to help them with their Disability claim. So this begs the question: Can any lawyer handle a Social Security Disability claim?

Social Security Disability attorneys are likely to know the process best

Technically, yes. Lawyers are trained to consider rules and analyze how their client's case fits within those rules. However, Social Security Disability has many intricate steps and rules that a non-Disability attorney likely will not know about. I feel like it is similar to the way doctors practice. You probably wouldn't ask your dermatologist about heart problems you've been having. You would want a cardiologist because he knows everything about the heart and is in the best position to help your particular situation. Law is comparable. A non-Disability attorney may have a general knowledge of the Social Security Disability process, but is unlikely to know and understand the process the way a Disability attorney does.

Of course this is not a hard and fast rule. You need to choose an attorney you feel comfortable with, but for a Social Security Disability claim, you'll often find that a Social Security Disability attorney will make you feel the most comfortable.

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