Why is Social Security ignoring me?

Sometimes when you're applying for Social Security Disability (or any government benefit for that matter) it is very easy to feel like just a number. One Social Security employee tells you one thing, then another tells you something else. Dealing with a massive agency like this often leads to feelings of hopelessness and wondering why they are ignoring your claim.

It is easy to get frustrated during the Social Security Disability process

I will say that most employees are actually doing the best they can and really want to help you. The problem is that Social Security is extremely busy any have literally millions of claims to handle. This is why the waiting time for a hearing can be more than a year. The amount of applications and recipients has skyrocketed the last couple decades. In fact, from 1999 to 2012, the amount of adults on Social Security Disability has gone from a little over 8 million to almost 13 million. It is difficult for Social Security to keep up with this influx.

However, there are situations where the agency makes life very difficult for applicants. This is where it is nice to have a Social Security Disability attorney to not only answer all your questions, but also to deal with Social Security so you do not have to. This can make the application and/or appeal process much less stressful for applicants. If you think you may want a Social Security Disability attorney to help with your Disability claim, so we can discuss your personal situation.

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