How can I get my Social Security Disability hearing expedited?

Social Security designates 6 different circumstances in which a Disability hearing may be expedited. Below I have generally outlined these unique situations. Remember that this is just an outline and for more detailed descriptions of when a hearing can be expedited, you should call Social Security or visit their website:

  • Terminal Illness:

  • For people whose illness is irreversible and expected to end in death

  • 100% Disabled Veteran:

  • For veterans who are considered 100%

Social Security Disability hearings are rarely expedited
  • Military Casualty:

  • For veterans who sustained injury during active duty service on or after October 1, 2001

  • Compassionate Allowance:

  • For people who have a medical condition Social Security has determined invariably qualifies for Disability

  • Dire Need:

  • For people who are without food, medical care, or shelter

  • Potentially Violent:

  • For people who are suicidal, homicidal, or possibly violent

Hopefully this shows a little more clearly in what circumstances a hearing may be scheduled quickly. Again, the above is not legal advice, but a general explanation of the expedition process. In my experience, it is pretty rare for a Social Security Disability expedition to be granted. However, if a person qualifies, it can be quite helpful and important to getting their claim processed quickly. A Social Security Disability attorney can certainly help in requesting an expedited hearing.

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