What is a Social Security Disability Hearing like?

When most people think about court or a hearing, their mind immediately pictures a Law & Order episode: massive courtroom, dozens of people watching, and plenty of lawyers yelling at each other and witnesses. Thankfully, a Social Security Disability hearing is nothing like what you see on television.

A Disability hearing is much more relaxed. It takes place in essentially a conference room with you, your attorney, the judge, an expert or two, and a court reporter. The judge may ask you some tough questions, but it generally a pretty calm setting. It

Social Security Disability hearings are often very relaxed

is certainly rare to see people yelling in the room. I believe a very important aspect of the hearing is preparation. It is important to have your Social Security Disability attorney walk through the entire experience with you before the hearing. This walk through should cover everything from what you need to bring with you to what types of questions the attorney and judge will ask you.

It is very natural to be nervous about your Social Security Disability hearing. Afterall, the outcome of your claim can depend on it. However, just know that what you are picturing is likely far worse than the actual hearing will be. And remember, preparation is key. If you would like to speak to an attorney who will take the time to completely prepare you for your hearing, feel free to contact me today to discuss your own case.

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