Why is Social Security is sending me to a doctor?

I have spoken to many clients who call me very concerned about a letter they got from Social Security. The letter is telling them Social Security set up an appointment for them to see a doctor. Unfortunately, claimants often have a serious mistrust of Social Security and the Disability process so they do not know whether to ignore this

This appointment is called a Consultative Examination (CE). Social Security usually schedules CE's early in the application process to gather more information about a claimant's disability. The doctor does not work for Social Security, but is an independent source contracted to give his or her analysis of the claimant's medical conditions. One complaint I commonly here about consultative examinations is they are very short and do not give a fair evaluation of the claimant. If you feel this is the case for your evaluation, do not be too discouraged. Remember, a CE is simply another piece of the puzzle Social Security uses to determine your level of Disability. Even if it not a favorable evaluation for your case, there are always alternative ways of proving your disability.

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