Can my child receive Disability while I am on it?

Yes, your child can certainly qualify for Social Security Disability even if you yourself are on it. This assumes, of course, that your child is also disabled. I spoke with a prospective client last week who found out that his neighbor was receiving Disability payments for both him and his child. He explained to me that the amount he was receiving from Social Security could not even pay his bills, and wondered if you could get a second

Your child may qualify for Social Security Disability

check for having a child. I explained

to him that Social Security will

not simply give you

a second check for having children.

A much more likely situation is if the parent and child are disabled. However, as I have explained before, children and adults have very different standard to be considered disabled by Social Security. There are many nuances to sort through when determining eligibility. It is worth looking into, though, if a child is actually disabled. Many families rely on this Social Security Disability payment to pay their bills each month, including costs associated with their child's impairment.

Therefore, if you believe your child may be considered disabled either mental or physical, it is very important to contact a Social Security Disability attorney as soon as possible to receive the help you need.

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