"My neighbor got approved and I'm much more disabled than him"

Social Security Disability attorneys understand the process is long and frustrating

This is a phrase Social Security Disability attorneys hear all the time and it is one that makes you cringe every time. First of all, every case is different. Your attorney cannot comment on why someone else has been approved. Their situation is completely separate from yours and comparing the two is never a good idea. Furthermore, try not to get caught up in what family and friends say about why you have not been approved. People who do not work in Social Security Disability do not understand the process and

often assume the attorney is not getting the job done. The truth is having a disability or multiple disabilities is not the same as being disabled by Social Security. There are many different factors that go into a disability determination that make it much more difficult and complicated.

Attorneys understand the Social Security Disability process is extremely long and frustrating. There is a massive amount of time spent waiting for Social Security to make a decision or move you to the next step. Ask your attorney what you can do to improve your case and try to remain patient. Listening to other people's opinion about what they believe should be happening will usually lead to confusion and unrealistic expectations.

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