Social Security Disability: Congenital Impairments Affecting Multiple Body Systems

Congenital impairments affecting multiple body systems is under Listing 10.00 in Social Security's categories and the most prominent syndrome within it is likely Down syndrome. Down syndrome is often broken down into two separate, but related categories: Mosaic and non-mosaic.

Social Security Disability attorneys

Social Security describes non-mosaic Down syndrome as the following: "Most people with non-mosaic Down s

yndrome have three copies of chromosome 21 in all of their cells...some have an extra chromosome 21 attached to another chromosome in all of their cells." Social Security describes mosaic Down syndrome as the following: "Approximately 2% of people with Down syndrome have the mosaic form. In mosaic Down syndrome, there are some cells with an extra copy of chromosome 21 and other cells with the normal two copies of chromosome 21."

There are of course many other disabilities that can be considered for Social Security Disability under the "Congenital Impairments Affecting Multiple Body Systems" category. Like other disabilities, it is very important to look at the Social Security's Listings (specifically 10.00) to fully understand what is looked at and required to qualify for disability. To learn more about Social Security Disability and how it may apply, I urge you to visit Social Security's website at

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