Social Security Disability: Mental Disorders

A significant part of Social Security Disability is given to those with some sort of mental impairment. Listing 12.00 lists many different mental issues that prevent people from working such as neurocognitive disorders, schizophrenic paranoid and other psychotic disorders, depressive bipolar and related disorders, intellectual disorders, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders, somatic symptom and related disorders, personality and impulse control disorders, autistic disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, eating disorders, and trauma and stressor related disorders.

As a disability lawyer, the most common mental impairments I see are depression and anxiety. Some of these people have physical impairments that eventually cause them to

Social Security disability for mental disorders

become depressed, while other are dealing with these symptoms without any large physical issues. While many people have varying degrees of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, Social Security Disability is a possibility for those people whose symptoms reach a level that prevents them from keeping a full time job. Many times this is related to an inability to concentrate on the work in front of them. If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental impairment that prevents employment, it is certainly worth your time to learn more about Social Security Disability from or a Disability attorney.

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