Social Security Disability: Cancer

Cancer is a scary word for all of us, but it is absolutely terrifying for someone who just received a cancer diagnosis. For someone suffering from cancer, Social Security Disability is likely the last thing on their mind. However, when cancer reaches the point of preventing someone from working, Disability payments can be very helpful.

Social Security covers cancer under listing 12.00 on their website. Of many factors Social Security will consider when looking at Disability for cancer, they list the following within listing 12.00:

Disability for cancer
  • Origin of the cancer

  • Extent of involvement

  • Duration, frequency, and response to anticancer therapy

  • Effects of any post-therapeutic residuals

Why do they have all these factors since cancer is such a serious diagnosis? Because Social Security wants to know, not only that you have been diagnosed with cancer, but that you are being affected by the cancer to be the point that you can no longer work. I have seen cases in the past have a serious cancer but are denied disability because they are still able to work. Just like every claim, it is very important in cancer claims to have extensive records from your doctors showing your treatments, their effects, and your prognosis to determine whether you can qualify for Disability. Cincinnati Disability lawyers can give you a better idea of where your Disability claim may land.

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