Social Security Disability: Immune System

Disability for HIV/AIDS

In my practice as a Disability lawyer, by far the most frequent immune system related impairments I see are dealing with HIV and AIDS. Like cancer, HIV/AIDS are terrifying terms to hear regarding your health. However, as I say often, it isn't so much about your diagnosis as it is about how your diagnosis is affecting your ability to work. I have had conversations with people discussing their potential disability claim who tell me their disability is HIV/AIDS, but when I ask how it affects their ability to work, they aren't sure how to answer.

Like many illnesses, some people that have serious immune system issues do not have debilitating symptoms due to advances in medicine. If your illness is controlled by medications or other methods, it may make a Social Security Disability case more difficult. A common misconception in the Disability process is that obtaining Social Security Disability is extremely easy, so a diagnosis as tough as HIV/AIDS would be enough. In reality, the Disability process can be long and frustrating and a diagnosis is often not enough. Applicants must prove how their diagnosis limits them on a daily basis and prevents full-time employment. If you are struggling with a immune system disorder preventing you from working, Social Security Disability lawyers can help.

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