Social Security Disability for Children

Disability for children

In my last post regarding Social Security Disability, I discussed how children with a low birth weight or failure to thrive may be eligible for Disability. This listing (100.00) is essentially the one Disability in the listings that does not really apply to adults. The other categories listed are similar to their adult counterparts. They are: musculoskeletal system, special senses and speech, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular system, digestive system, genitourinary system, hemotological disorders, skin disorders, endocrine disorders, congenital disorders that affect multiple parts of the body, neuological disorders, mental disorders, cancer (malignant neoplasm diseases), and immune system diseases.

As I have discussed before, there is a different standard for Disability as it applies to children. For adults, the general standard is to determine whether or not the individual can work. Obviously, this is not the standard for Disability for children as they do not have a work history. Feel free to look back through the blog posts to see exactly what is required. As I have stated earlier children's Disability cases are pretty different from adults, but I am happy to work with individuals that need help from me as a Disability lawyer. For more information about your child's Disability case, I would urge you to call me at 513-721-6111 as soon as possible.

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