Social Security Disability Denial Letter

One of the first questions I ask potential clients when they call my office is whether they have been denied Social Security Disability or are waiting for a reply. Why is that? This is the first of many different questions to determine what the next step is in proceeding with your Disability claim. Something that is extremely helpful when calling a Disability attorney is to have your most recent letters from Social Security available with you. If you have been denied, your denial letter is pretty crucial to determining if I can (and how I am going to) help you.

My first question from a denial letter is what is the date on your letter. As the denial letter explains, you only have sixty (60) days from the date on the letter to appeal Social

Denied Social Security Disability

Security's decision (Technically Social Security allows a few extra days for travel in the mail but it is best not to rely on this). The next question is why you were denied. Disability lawyers cannot help with every problem that may come up in a Disability claim. The reason Social Security denied you is a very important in determining if I can assist you in appealing your Disability denial.

If you have been denied Social Security Disability, I would encourage you to call a Disability attorney as soon as possible. As I explained above, waiting can negatively affect your case.

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