What to wear to my Social Security Disability Hearing

I always try to tell people when I am preparing them for a hearing that Social Security Disability court is not like what you see on television. It is much more calm and much less formal. So it of course begs the question: What kind of clothes are you supposed to wear to court? Well I've always told people that they should wear whatever makes them comfortable. I have had clients wear everything from sweatpants and a tee shirt to a tie

Social Security Disability attire

and a jacket. I would say the average person I have worked with wears some version of jeans and a shirt. The truth is that, in my experience, the clothes you wear are unlikely to have any impact on the outcome of your Social Security Disability case. A judge is much more interested in what your medical records say (and what you have to say) then whether you are dressed up for the hearing. It is smart to talk to your attorney about what he or she believes is important for you to do or say. There are many different things you need to remember for your Disability case; but in my opinion, your outfit should not be a big one. That is why I tell my clients to wear what makes them comfortable for their Social Security Disability hearing.

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